Anthony Ortiz (Born July, 20 1995) better known by his rap name Haze Azazel, is a musician that was born in Bayamon Puerto Rico but raised in New York City. Haze creates music to tell stories about certain events in his life, using Intelligent wordplay and often using dark beats. Haze uses music to release his anger and other emotions. The artist so far has only released singles and no albums to the public. In 2013 Haze appeared on Kaysinners album entitled "Rennisyak". Haze also featured Kaysinners on his single "I Hate Fakes". The instrumental for I hate fakes was given to Haze by Kaysinners. Rumors say that Haze Azazel left the music scene since he has not released any new music for two years. Haze Azazel is supposed to appear on the 2016 Kaysinners album entitled "Tribulations" but Kaysinners has not given full confirmation. In the end it all remains a mystery