Lucas Fernandes Peixoto (Born January 25, 1995) better known by his stage name Lu Hound, is a musician that was born in Rio de Janeiro who quickly assimilated to the South Florida lifestyle. Lu Hound believes a dog's personality is a lot like a human's. All a dog has is unconditional love for people unless it is taught otherwise. Growing up, Lu Hound had many different musical influences from Samba, to Rock, to Jazz, to Hip-Hop. These influences is what separated Lu Hound from other artists because he never allowed himself to be put in a box which could be easily labeled. Back in 2015 Kaysinners reached out to Lu Hound on Twitter and they created a track together entitled "Set It Like This", since then both have agreed to continue working on projects together. Lu Hound also appears on Kaysinners 2016 album entitled "Tribulations". What other projects will Lu Hound & Kaysinners work on next? It all remains a mystery